Frequently asked questions

Can I ride if I have never taken an indoor cycling class before?

Absolutely! Every new rider is given personal attention prior to every class. Our team will help you adjust the bike, so your first ride is comfortable. We will even record and store your bike settings, so you can hop right on at your next visit.


But I have not worked our in a while, will I be able to make it through the class?

Of course! Each rider has complete control over the tension on their bikes. Our instructors guide our riders during the class, but each rider is able to turn it down or turn it up depending on individual abilities. Indoor cycling is a great full body work out that everyone can enjoy.


Are their any restrictions on who can participate?

For maximum comfort on our bikes, our riders should be at least 4’11” and under 300lbs. We ask that any rider between the ages of 12-18 have a waivers signed by a parent or guardian. Any rider with medical conditions should seek clearance from a physician prior to riding.